Smile Generation Dental Plan

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No deductibles, copays, or annual maximums. The Smile Generation Dental Plan offers 20%-50% discounts on most treatments. It’s not insurance, just affordable dentistry.

Start Saving on the Treatment You Need




for 12 months*

2 Individuals


for 12 months*

3+ Individuals


for 12 months*

* Prices shown are an average, may vary by state, and include a one-time, non-refundable $15 administration fee.

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Dental Discounts with Smile Generation Dental Plan®


Introducing the Smile Generation Dental Plan® – your key to affordable dental care for you and your family. With no deductibles, copays, or annual maximums, our plan is designed to prioritize simplicity and savings. The Smile Generational Dental Plan® offers 20%-50% discounts on Mouth-Body Connection® procedures such as oral cancer screenings, salivary lab tests, and full-mouth periodontal treatment. Take advantage of 20% discounts on specialty care like gum treatment, oral surgery orthodontics, root canal treatment, cosmetic services, and more. Better yet, there’s no waiting period – experience same-day discounts on dentistry.


Transparency of Costs and Benefits


Smile Generation Dental Plan® is powered by Wellfit®, providing you with real-time visibility to your treatment savings and costs - all on your phone. Now you can make good decisions about your oral health and be informed every step of the way.

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